North East Middle School, St. Louis, Missori

Listen to the interview with Merna Youssef, an 8th grader at North East Middle School. Joining Merna were Dr. Brandon (Principal), Bill Senti (Assistant Principal), Nikki Poslosky (Teacher), and Ellen Kubicek (Teacher).

Read the original article from where we first discovered Merna.

Merna’s essay drew the attention of our team at Sprigeo. After reading the essay and talking with the team at Parkway, we’re convinced. They are true Heroes!

Merna’s Essay:

How Does Bullying Affect the Right to Personal Privacy?

As a person like any other that bullies or gets bullied, I personally believe that bullying is wrong. Bullying is one of the worldwide issues. It happens around the globe. It happens in many different ways, but it’s all still bullying.

If you were bullied in any type of school, elementary, middle, high schools, then you do not or can not learn right. That happens because you are always thinking about the bully. You are always thinking about what the bully is going to do next, is he/she going to tell anyone to come and watch?, who is going to see you be beat up?, whoever will see you, will they tell others about it?, will everybody make fun of you?, and others. All these questions are racing through you mind, over and over.

In my school North East Middle school, we did several things to stop bullying from occurring. We had our school police man, Officer Davis, come and talk to us about bullying and how it is now somewhat against the law, for many reasons. We also saw several video clips of how bullying is bad in nearly every possible way. The videos affected us by showing us how bullying affects others, and how sometimes bullying gets no where but being hated, and generally unlike by everyone else.

Freedom from bullying is a human right. It is a human right because everyone is equal no matter what. It is also a human right because no one has to fit in or be like others to be treated the same way.

Read the complete essay.

Find out more about North East Middle School. Contact the Heroes at North East Middle School by leaving a comment below.


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