Sandia High School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sandia High School Heroes

Sandia High School Heroes

Driven by the leadership of a small group of heroes at Sandia High School and with support from a wonderful teacher, these teens have created a world-changing movement. What a privilege it was to find Sandia High School and hear their story.

Listen to the interview with members of the Sandia High School anti-bullying club. Shortly after this interview the club went on to plan a Blue Shirt day in support of creating a bully-free school. The Younity Method was created by the club at Sandia.

Younity Method

This method is designed for teenagers who may not have a great deal of money but want to have a big influence on a situation. There are two groups. Group A are the ones who have the singular focus of just the cause nothing else. Group B is made up of other clubs that send representatives. For example if a group of students wants to help their school become a better place then group A must be established first. After a few weeks group B will begin to form. The way to do this is for group A to send messengers to other clubs asking for two representatives. If that club says yes then they will send people to the meeting. At the meeting group A will help coordinate will the representatives from group B on what needs to be done. Group A may not tell the members of group B what to do but instead strongly suggest actions they can take. An example is if a school I trying to help homeless people. Group A will organize and examine what the problem is and what needs to be done. After the data of the problem of homelessness is collected then group B come into the game. At the meeting group A can say we need food, clothing, and housing. Read the complete description of how the Younity Method works.

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