Men of Determination (MOD), Kennesaw Georgia

While traveling across the U.S. we had the opportunity to meet an exceptional group of young men from McClure Middle School. Under the guidance of Mr. Joel Marc, members of the MOD (Men of Determination) have truly changed the way people treat each other at the middle school.

Listen to our phone interview with a few of the MOD members.

Men of Determination Make An Impact At Kennesaw Middle School

Kennesaw, GA: Walk into McClure Middle School on any given Thursday, and you will notice right away that something different is going on. Boys — young gentlemen — in fact, in shirt and tie will open the door for you. They will shake your hand, look you in the eye and welcome you to their school.

In short, positive behavior is the model at McClure Middle, and it’s not just on Thursdays. When more than 130 boys belong to a leadership organization called Men of Determination (MOD), the whole school becomes affected. The positive behavior the mentors referred to as the D.R.E.A.M. Team teach, consistently occurs every day within the classrooms and halls as a stipulation to being a member of the club.

MOD, as it is better known, began at McClure Middle School from the inspiration of a seventh grade language arts teacher Joel Marc. As part of an effort to empower his students to be responsible for their behavior and their grades, Marc has grown a program that began as a small idea into one that is gaining momentum and demonstrating enormous impact.

Read the complete press release.

Learn more about the Determined Dozen, who lead the MOD this year.

Contact: Susan Wing 678-331-8131  or Joel Marc 770-912-3332 to find out more about MOD and McClure Middle School.


2 thoughts on “Men of Determination (MOD), Kennesaw Georgia

  1. I really feel very bad for the people that have killed theirselves because of bullying. I actually thought of killing myself in elementary school because people were harassing me and calling me names. I went home everyday after school CRYING because people were being mean to me!!!!!!!!! Then I talked to a guidance person at the office with my parents and sometime my aunt but it still went on so I tried killing myself. So I feel very sorry for those that have killed themselves because of bullying. I know what every person would feel like if they got bullied!!!!!!!!!💔 SO IF YOU ARE BEING BULLIED TELL AN ADULT NOW!!!!!!!!!

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