Kylie Morgan, Teen Singer and Songwriter

Listen Kylie’s Interview with David Bozin and Joe Bruzzese at Sprigeo

When Kylie Morgan first heard about the tragic suicide of Irish-born, South Hadley, Mass., teenager, Phoebe Prince, she reacted in the best way she knew how – she picked up her guitar and started composing a song. For the 15-year-old singer/songwriter from Newcastle, Okla., it was a natural reaction and she hopes her song, “Phoebe” will send a message of support and compassion to those suffering the abuse of bullying as well as a call to action for those witnessing it to reach out and “be a friend.”

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Kylie PSAs from Boiling Point Media on Vimeo.

Veteran songwriter, Liz Hengber who co-wrote the song along with Morgan and country music singer/songwriter, Rob Crosby, said the song happened almost by accident. “It wasn’t as if we came together to write a song about Phoebe or bullying,” said Hengber. “Phoebe’s story was all over the news. We were talking about how tragic it was and I was interested in Kylie’s perspective because she was so close to Phoebe’s age. And then someone said, ‘man, people really need to understand how much what they do matters,’ and from there, the song took on a life of its own.”


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