The Justice League, Blake School, MN

We had the privilege of meeting with a few members of the Blake School, Justice League. The Justice League was formed to support work that recognizes and values the different lived experiences of individuals in our community, to acknowledge systems of privilege and oppression that exist related to various aspects of identity, and to endeavor to root out injustice and seek equity through action, education and support.

Members of the Justice League are expected to participate in educational experiences that allow them to grow in their understanding of systems of privilege and oppression. Weekly meetings serve to further learn from each other and provide support and feedback to them in their work. Each Justice League member is involved in an action plan that is carried out in the community during the school year. Ultimately, the Justice League strives to actively participate in the creation of a courageous, engaged learning community.

Read more about the Justice League

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2


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