Shyanne Wilson: “Get A Life”

Sprigeo had the pleasure of meeting another Hero: Shyanne Wilson! Hopefully you will use Shyanne and her story as a source of inspiration to take a stand against bullying, wherever you may be!
If you ask any songwriter what the first step is to penning a song, they will tell you to write what you know! For 10 year old, Shyanne Wilson that wasn’t hard to do. She, like so many other young kids today, has been the victim of bullies. Shyanne hails from a very musical family, so it isn’t odd that she has been singing and writing her own little songs since pre-school. But, last year she started singing lyrics around the house that got the attention of her dad in a big way.
“Shyanne was singing lines in her room about all the bullying she was going through and I was instantly inspired” said Robby. Together they took all the horrible things that had been taking place and decided to write a song that would be a voice of encouragement for others going through the same thing and let them know they are not alone and not the problem. “Literally it took me 10 minutes to piece it all together”, says her dad, “it was a God send, no doubt.” Robby played the home demo he made for producer friend Jamey Perrenot and the next thing you know, they were cutting a track on her!

Shyanne is very passionate about using the song to help stop bullying, which has become a wide spread epidemic facing kids all over the world today. Proceeds from the song will go to various anti-bully organizations that Shyanne is partnering with globally.

“In most cases, kids learn from adults, but for Shyanne, she has set examples already in her young life that many of us adults can learn from and I couldn’t be more proud”, says her dad. Shyanne is not only talented and driven beyond her years, but very determined to make a difference in the lives of others! One of the many reasons why we have her as a Hero on the Heroes Project!

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