From teachers to kids: Inspire & Be Inspired in the Modern World

As I was watching the Amanda Todd video during an in-service session, the part “I have nobody. I need someone” really struck me. I knew that Amanda was not alone in her thinking; there are pre-teens and teens all over the world who feel the same way.
I wanted to reach out to the students where I work, Delsea Regional High School, to let them know that they were NOT alone.
After the in-service I wrote a script; it was all single lines that could easily be memorized and said by the people participating in the video. It took me about 15 minutes to complete.
Then I e-mailed the script to the entire staff and asked for volunteers who would be willing to participate. Within minutes I had about 15 volunteers. The rest signed on soon after.
On the day of filming, I set up my personal HD video camera on a stack of books on a student desk (I didn’t have a tripod) and moved a side table in front of the Smartboard for the participants to sit on so the screen shot of Amanda could be seen behind them.Three copies of the script were printed and each person was given two-three lines to say for the filming. I fed them the lines, filmed it one by one, and wrote down who said each line for later reference. Shooting took about 20 minutes total.

Once I got home, I transfered the footage into Windows Movie Maker, used my list to put it in order, and then added some text and music before I uploaded it to Vimeo. That whole process took me about an hour.

Two days later, the video was show school-wide in the Olweus anti-bullying session that were being held in each classroom.


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