The No Bull Guys

Our CEO and Founder, Joe Bruzzese, recently had an opportunity to catch up with Scott Hannah, 18, and Tyler Gregory, 19 who he interviewed a year ago.  It is exciting to hear about the excellent work they continue to do across the nation.

Scott and Tyler are The No Bull Guys! They are National Spokespeople for the Great American NO BULL Challenge. This dynamic duo goes to schools and camps spreading their anti-bullying message and talking about the benefits of joining together to make a change in this generation.

Tyler and Scott are national 2012 nominees for the Teen Video awards. They are now officially members of the NO BULL Youth Advisory Council for 2013. Their nominated video was a simple one with students holding signs with phrases. you can see it here the emotional song was specially written by Dale Crockett and Shiela Kuaffman.

[vimeo w=500&h=284]

Here is last year’s interview with Scott & Tyler:

For more info go to their website: 

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