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Max and Me Infinity

Meet Max, our newest hero who is making a difference in his community and beyond.

He is the founder of Me Infinity which is a clothing line with the important message to “Be yourself forever” by not giving in to peer pressure.  Wearing a t-shirt with this message validates that you are just as important as the next person and shows strength against bullying.

In this interview with Sprigeo, Max explains how he was cyber-bullied and didn’t feel safe at school which led him to start a website and a line of t-shirts with his message of empowerment.  Me Infinity t-shirt sales support the Megan Meier Foundation.

Max thinks it would be great if Me Infinity “just helps one person” with it’s message.  We are confident that many kids are already benefiting from Max’s efforts.  Join us in applauding Max and welcoming him as one of Sprigeo’s Heroes!

Me Infinity website

Me Infinity blog

Max – Me Infinity from Sprigeo on Vimeo.